5 Best Free GPS Apps For Android of 2021

With the popularity of smartphones, we’ve seen a rise in demand for dedicated GPS devices like the Garmin and TomTom, but with prices ranging from $150 to $240, these wearable devices are often too expensive for most people. With that in mind, we dug around the App Store and found five GPS apps that you can download for free. Here’s your guide to navigating everywhere on your Android device with ease.

We’ve all been there – you’ve downloaded the new great-looking new GPS app from the Android store, and you set it up to get you directions. But then you get stuck in rush-hour traffic and you can’t make it to your next destination on time. Or maybe you get distracted and decide to take a few side streets instead of your planned route. Or maybe you just got lost and you don’t want to waste time looking for a street number.

There was a time when people had to get around by asking passers-by for directions, but this practice is now a thing of the past as technology makes it easier for us to get around. When we find ourselves in a new state, city or region, the first thing we do is open Google Maps on our phone.

But besides Google Maps, there are many other free GPS apps for Android phones that you can use. If you want to know more about these apps, you have come to the right place as we are going to discuss some of the best GPS apps for your Android device.

1. ICI WeGo

This application will guide you wherever you are. It accompanies you not only when you drive a car or ride a motorcycle, but also when you walk. This free app also offers audio directions, which makes driving and getting directions easier and more convenient. Parking, which is a big issue these days, will also help you find a parking spot at your destination. Isn’t that what you were looking for?

2. MapFactor

This app is not only free, it is also available offline because it offers free offline maps. Even if you don’t have a stable or full internet connection, you can surf without problems in around 200 countries. In addition, the app offers a variety of features, such as. B. Voice navigation, door-to-door route planning, favorite routes and locations, 3D mode for realistic map view and much more. The app takes care of you by alerting you to cameras or speeding tickets. Whether you’re driving, biking, taking the bus or even walking, the app will guide you no matter what.

3. MapQuest

You can easily use this application to navigate while driving or walking. The app includes updated satellite images and maps, and even features voice navigation for ease of use. The app also offers real-time traffic updates and has a camera that allows you to see traffic conditions in any area. In addition to all these features, it also helps you find hotels, restaurants, gas stations, bars, etc. nearby. Although unwanted ads may affect your experience of the application.

4. Google Maps and Waze

Both of these Google applications are excellent navigation applications. As for Google Maps, we’ve probably all used this application at least once in our lives. It offers a lot of information on locations, directions, reviews, etc. Waze is a little easier to use and even provides important information, such as traffic information, police location and the like. Both apps target different types of people, so you can choose accordingly.

5. Cards.me

This app can be trusted, as it is used by nearly 140 million travelers worldwide. It is a fully autonomous navigation app, and when you go to a new place, it also suggests places to visit. Your ideal guide! You can even bookmark them and save them anywhere to share with friends and family. In addition to the functions of the GPS application, it also includes features such as providing information on hotels, restaurants, cafes, ATMs and even the nearest public transport. The app comes with ads, but they won’t bother you much.


A GPS application is indispensable in today’s world, but with GPS constantly running in the background, it consumes your battery. But apart from this limitation, it offers a wide range of features that will greatly facilitate your journey. All of the above applications have different purposes, but it’s up to you to decide which one meets your needs. Study the application carefully before using it to avoid navigation problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest GPS app for Android?

The easiest GPS app for Android is Google Maps.

Which GPS app is best?

Garmin is the best GPS app.

What’s the best offline GPS maps?

The best offline GPS maps are those that have been created by the US Geological Survey.

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