Apex Legends: Legacy Update Is The Saviour Apex Needed

Respawn’s “Legacy” update for Apex Legends is finally here, and it’s bringing the game back from the brink with some much-needed adjustments to game’s core mechanics. The update comes in two parts, the first being a large-scale weapons balance patch and the second adding a ranked mode to the game, new legends, and more.

Respawn Entertainment’s recently-released update for Apex Legends might be the game’s last chance at staying relevant in the gaming world. The update introduced new content, character balances, and a loot system – which brings it more in line with other battle royales, like Fortnite: Battle Royale and PUBG.

Apex Legends emerged from the shadow of Titanfall 2 in February 2019 and received critical acclaim. It has a Titanfall feel, a story expansion that follows the plot of the main series, and a cohesive battle royale game that revolves around different legends with different abilities. While Apex has had its share of problems, from balancing weapons and characters to a very shaky start to the season called Legacy, the game is still as strong, if not stronger, than ever. But that’s where the shoe pinches, because even though the new season hasn’t started in the best of circumstances for the players, this season could be the one where Apex and even cybersports can become mainstream.

First, let’s talk about what went wrong. Legacy includes a new character, Valkyrie, numerous quality of life changes, such as reduced or increased abilities, and a brand new game mode. For those who didn’t get to play Apex, the game only included one mode: a 60-player battle royale. Although there are several events in the Battle Royale mode, there was only one mode at one point in the game.

Players were rightly excited about the new Arena mode. A 3 vs. 3 game mode in which players purchase Counter Strike-style weapons, equipment, and skills at the beginning of each round, with equipment being non-transferable. However, the problem starts at the beginning of the season. When so many players tried to join the game, buy a new Battle Pass, buy a new character and play a new game mode, everything fell apart.

New home screen. Still simple, but it’s just a lobby screen.

While you could play Apex without too many problems, and the servers were decent in that regard, you couldn’t buy a Battle Pass for a few hours unless you got lucky. The same goes for Valkyrie or any other Legendary you don’t currently have. Let’s assume you manage to acquire a legend. It’s gratifying because, like me, some people have managed to get their hands on a new legend with the right amount of patience and a bit of luck. But therein lies the second problem. At least six hours after Legacy launched, most people couldn’t play any characters other than the original six in the game.

Olympus is almost identical, except for a giant tree outside the map that begins to spread tendrils.

However, as the servers began to catch up, it became increasingly clear that this new update was necessary. First, there are nuances, buffs, and changes to the quality of life in Legacy. Characters like Lifelife, Horizon, Octane and, to some extent, Loba all have their skills reduced. This is mainly due to the high selection of ranked players. Lifeline used to be able to revive her teammates with her drone instead of stopping to actually offer help, which she still does, but she no longer offers a large shield that stops all bullets.

For the other headings, the changes are mainly limited to extending the duration of the action. For example, Loba has a superior skill, a black market, which allows you to take any two items in a large area and now takes two minutes to load. But it’s not all dark and gloomy. For example, Loba’s second ability, a bracelet she can drop to teleport, gives you a huge upgrade. B. The ability to move at full speed and teleport to where you need to go.

One of the smaller arena cards. The beauty of most arena maps is that they are an entirely new experience.

Some legacy weapons have also felt the effects of these changes. The P2020 pistol had a reduced rate of fire, and the Spitfire LMG pistol had significantly increased recoil. After a few games, I realized I wasn’t going to kill anyone else with it. It’s time for the head initiation, I think! All assault rifles also have reduced headshot damage and the 30-30 repeater has an increased leg damage multiplier. With all the changes to the weapons, it’s likely that you’ll finally be able to try out other weapons instead of just using the Spitfire and Triple Take, which were only stored in supply crates and can no longer be found on the ground.

It’s time for some big changes. Initially, you will always appear in Battle Royale with basic equipment: a white shield, a helmet, a battle shield, and healing items. This will probably stop the quick passing games. By the end of season 8, there were too many games where half or more of the teams were dead by the time the first ring closed. The second major change is the addition of arenas, the aforementioned 3 vs 3 game mode that is probably why so many people played Legacy at launch.

The run phase has two paths for both teams: to the big building with a distance attack, or through a portal that throws the teams at each other’s feet.

If there were any doubts in the beginning about the popularity of the arenas, they have now been dispelled. Arena fights are fast paced and you don’t have to spend more than twenty minutes on a fight if you want to win. I’ve played some incredibly aggressive and defensive games, games that lasted three rounds and games that lasted eight rounds, and I can safely say that the average game can last five to ten minutes.

Not only are the games fast-paced, so you can get in a good time before heading off to work, school or that show, but they’re also tactical and incredibly competitive. This is the biggest and most important thing about them. Arenas will likely see the rise and growth of competitive matches, gameplay battles, and MLG competitions, and cyber sports are pretty much all Apex needs to become more than what it already is.

Choose a weapon. Well, any weapon you can afford. That sounds like America.

Now that the servers have been released and people can play the legends they really want, and once people are aware of the changes to their favorite legends, weapons, and more, it’s time to rekindle interest in Apex. The Legacy Update has done far more for the game than many people realize. Hopefully in the future we will see rank battles and maybe even clan battles in the arena. But for now, rejoice that a big step has been taken to make the game even better.


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