Scarlet Nexus Cheats

When the Nexus 5X came out, accidentally rooting the device was as simple as downloading a file from the internet. Since then, things have gotten much more complex. The process of rooting your phone is much more involved than just downloading a file though. These days, it involves downloading a file manager that is able…

Satirical RPG The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk Now Available on Consoles

Somewhere in the Cascades Mountains, in a remote valley, lies a magical dungeon named Naheulbeuk. On this dungeon you will find the greatest of treasures–the most powerful magic book in the world. This book can summon anything, bring you to any place, and grant you any wish, no matter how grand or small. It’s called…


Little Nightmares 2 Review: Beautiful Nightmare Fuel

The original Little Nightmares had a fantastic blend of beautiful, colorful environments and creepy, twisted monstrosities. It was a game that I enjoyed but didn’t love. The sequel takes the formula so masterfully crafted by the original and adds onto it. The result is a game that improved upon the original in every single way….