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If you’re looking for a robbery themed mission in Grand Theft Auto Online, “Hood” has you covered. Here are the details:

The outlaws are the heroes of the game: they are the people of the Hood who have to face the difficult life in the ghetto with only the power of their guns and their own courage. They are a symbol of rebellion, freedom, and lawfulness. Each of them is a unique character with an unique biography and personality.


In this cover: The John Outlaws & Legends guide provides a complete overview of the character as well as tips and tricks for playing John. John is one of four characters in the game that you can play with. Like every other class in the game, John has his own equipment, skills and play style. We explain them to you below.

John Guide – Hood: Outlaws and Legends

Our hood: Check out the John Outlaws & Legends Guide for everything you need to know about playing with Tuck at Hood : Outlaws & Legends.

Character Overview

John is the longest and slowest character in Hood: Outlaws & Legends, though, he makes up for in hits. He is a fighter and loves to damage his opponents with his powerful attacks. He has both mild and severe seizures. His heavy attacks are a bit slow, but can completely destroy your opponents. He punches even better than Tuck, so he’s the best tank in the game and he loves melee.


John’s equipment is his explosive grenade, which can kill enemies very quickly. This grenade deals explosive damage to enemies, and John uses it to quickly take out groups of enemies. This is probably the best crowd control gear in the game, and is even more powerful than Robin’s explosive arrow. You can also just use it more strategically in different scenarios.


John has a Wraith ability that allows him to increase his damage. This is an active ability, and you can only use it when John’s ability meter is full. Once activated, John receives a damage increase and in return, the damage he receives from enemies is also reduced, making him the perfect tank for enemies.

The line

John’s determination allows him to lift dumbbells that no one else can reach. These doors open up shortcuts and create new opportunities to easily complete your raids in the game.

John’s top benefits

John has three Perk slots with unique Perks that can be equipped in each. Depending on your play style, you can customize John a bit by equipping him with Perks that suit your play style. But in our opinion, the following privileges work best with John.

Perk Slot Description Required level
A deadly revenge Lock 1 Increases the speed of heavy attacks, allowing you to hit the strongest enemies faster. Also improves parrying Level 2
Stable tanker / cargo ship Lock 2 Stable Tank Increases maximum health and reduces endurance costs when blocking. The luggage rack increases the speed of transporting and lifting the case, but also reduces the speed of the catch. Stable tank – Level 3

Truck driver – Level 10

Furious Dye Lock 3 This perk increases the damage of your light attacks, but kills with this perk don’t add much to the power meter. Level 4

Tips and tricks for playing with John

  • John can place his explosive grenade as a trap while fleeing from enemies. Once your team is safe, the explosive grenade explodes with a massive shockwave, killing all enemies within the radius of the effect.
  • You can also use John’s explosive grenade to block your enemies’ entrances and escape routes as you approach them, and destroy them with your powerful attacks.
  • The combination of an explosive grenade and a Wraith skill is a truly powerful killing recipe: You can block enemies’ escape routes, hit them and inflict massive damage, and the damage you get back is greatly reduced. Combine them if you can, and watch John take down one enemy after another with ease.
  • Always open the trap gate doors to take a shortcut to get the key and make sure you keep the other party at bay by running fast.
  • With his strength and brute force, John can also carry and lift crates faster than any other team member. Not only does it carry and pack the box faster, but it’s also much more resistant to damage and doesn’t fall off as easily during play, making it ideal for heavy-duty tasks.

For more help with Hood : Outlaws & Legends, see the manuals linked below:

This is the end of our hud: Guide to Outlaws and Legends John. If you have anything to add to this guide, please do so in the comment box below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hood cross play?

This text is sensitive. Click edit and regenerate for new copy. The PC version of hood: outlaws and legends have been in beta for a couple of weeks now and I am one of the players testing it out. We have been playing it all the time but the game hasn’t been as good as expected. The cross play has been a major problem in the game, it is causing a lot of lag and players are getting mad about it.  This has been a problem in the beta but I think it is going to get a lot worse when the game is officially released.

Will Hood outlaws and legends come to PC?

Steam is the ultimate online gaming platform, and it’s the most popular way for PC gamers to get their game on. Whether you’re looking for new AAA games, indie gems, or free-to-play titles, there’s something for everyone on Steam. If you’re a fan of the 2009 console game “Hood: Outlaws and Legends”, you’re probably wondering if the game will ever be available for PC. Developer Avalanche Studios doesn’t have any plans to port the game to PC, but never say never. (3 years later, no PC version was released)

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