How to easily copy any directory address on Windows 11

Windows 11 is set to launch on 29th of July, but so far, Microsoft hasn’t released a ton of details about the new version of Windows. One of the first new features is the ability to quickly copy a directory address. That’s handy if you’re working on a project and need to move files around, but don’t want to wait for the command prompt to copy each file one by one. (And yes, this can copy entire directory trees.)

In Windows 11, the command “C:\Users\Public\Documents\Pictures” will copy all the files in the Pictures directory to the Public Documents directory. If you want to copy the same directory to a different location, use the command “C:\Users\Public\Documents\Pictures\Pictures.txt” as shown below.

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  • In case you haven’t heard: Microsoft has added a new tool to the Windows 11 context menu.
  • After the confusion the company created with the Refresh option, this new addition is sure to please fans.
  • Copy as path is a useful tool that users can rely on when they need a copy of specific folder addresses.
  • Some situations where you need a copy of the path are related to using Command Prompt and Windows Powershell.

While everyone was wondering what had happened to the Refresh button in the context menu, no one noticed that Microsoft had added a brand new option.

We are so used to some of the most basic elements of the operating system that we have not noticed a new addition that can be useful in many situations.

Some problems with the Windows 11 context menu have also been reported by users on social media, so it’s worth paying attention to.

What is copying as a path and what is it for?

In case you hadn’t noticed, the new pre-release versions of Microsoft’s next operating system offer users another tool in the context menus.

This new integration we keep talking about is called Copy as Path and when selected, it copies the full path of the selected file or folder as text to the clipboard.

Once you have the path to a particular item, you can paste it into a text box.


Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you need the full path to a file or folder, so that a program, software or web page can determine the path to the desired item.

When working with Command Prompt and Windows Powershell, instead of manually entering the full path to a file or folder, you can simply right-click on the item and select Copy as Path and paste into Command Prompt.

Windows users have been asking for this feature for quite some time. In fact, every step Microsoft takes to simplify our daily tasks is a welcome improvement.

Who knows, maybe Microsoft will introduce more new features in Windows 11 before the customization process is complete.

The Redmond-based company said the next operating system would be launched later this year.

Have you used the new copy-as-path feature in Windows 11 yet? Let us know your comments in the section below.

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