How to Update Dolphin Emulator – Quick Tips and Tricks in 2022

How to Update Dolphin Emulator – Quick Tips and Tricks in 2022

How to Update Dolphin Emulator – Quick Tips and Tricks in 2022

Dolphin emulator is one of the best game emulators for PC and android devices. In this emulator, you can play your favorite Wii U games on Android Devices and PC.

It is a very famous emulator because of its user-friendly interface, easy controls, and perfect sound quality. However, after the long time use of Dolphin Emulator, some users have been experiencing fear from using it because it seems to be haunted by ghosts or something.

You’ve been using the Dolphin emulator for a while now, but it’s time to upgrade. The latest release is more stable and offers many new features. Also by using the updated version you can solve the problems like slow speed and crashes.

Every PC has its own specifications, formats, and settings file. Problems may occur because of these differences. However, you can resolve this by downloading different versions of the dolphin emulator according to your device’s configuration and installing it on your device. Before starting the installation process make sure that Dolphin Emulator is not running in the background.

Faster emulation speed: The latest version of Dolphin provides much faster emulation than before which results in a smoother gaming experience with fewer lags. You will feel as if you are playing it on Wii U itself rather than playing it on Android or PC.

Quality sound: No matter how fast your emulator is but there must be high-quality sound to enjoy the game. However, most of the emulators are not able to provide users with HD sound quality. But the Dolphin emulator provides you with HD high-quality sound.

Highly stable graphics: To play games on an emulator, it must be highly stable if not there is no fun in playing. The latest version of this emulator has solved many issues like slow speed or crashes which used to appear in earlier versions. You can now enjoy your favorite game without facing any issues related to stability.

Now I’m going to show you how easy it is to update the latest development version of Dolphin Emulator:

Install Dolphin Emulator

First, you should ensure that your anti-virus is disabled or uninstalled. If it’s not then uninstalled it because the dolphin emulator may not work properly after installing if an antivirus program is running in the background.

For some reason, many users face difficulties while downloading the Dolphin emulator. If you’re one of them then don’t worry, we’re going to give you a step-by-step guide that will help you download and install the dolphin emulator after solving all problems.


Ensure that you have disabled your antivirus. If it’s not then uninstalled it because the dolphin emulator may not work properly after installing if an antivirus program is running in the background.

Now you should open a browser and go to “”


Click on the download button as shown below:

Your downloading process will begin automatically from this point just wait for a few seconds until the downloading process is complete. After completing your download installer file, run it by double-clicking on it or just right-click on it and selecting the “Run as administrator” option as given in the image below: After completion of the installation process, you are ready to play, using Dolphin emulator. And you don’t have to remove it from your PC.

Update Dolphin Emulator

In order to update the dolphin emulator you have to do the following steps:

1) Open Dolphin Emulator

2) On the main interface go to the menu “Tools”

3) Select option “GitHub Updater”

4) Now it will give you two options. The first one says that you are already up to date and the second one is for updating dolphin

5) Hit the button “Check For Updates”. It will take some time for checking updates

6) When Dolphin Simulator has finished downloading new files, close Dolphin Emulator

7) Restart Dolphin Emulator 8) Enjoy playing on an upgraded version of this game.


Q: How do I uninstall Dolphin Emulator?

A: To uninstall the Dolphin emulator follow the steps given below :

1) Open Google Play Store app on your android phone.

2) Search for “Uninstaller” and install it..

3) Run Uninstaller and search for “Dolphin Emulator”. You can also find a shortcut to this application from the “All Apps” menu. Hit the trash icon next to it. So all data related to the dolphin emulator will be deleted from your device. It’s done! Your dolphin emulator is now successfully uninstalled from your device..

Q: How much space does Dolphin Emulator occupy?

A: After installation, the dolphin emulator occupies around ~778 MB of space in internal storage depending upon the architecture (ARM/Intel) of your android device.

Q: I am getting this error while installation: “Installation has been canceled”

A: If you get this error while installation it means your PC is connected to some other android device and both are connected to the same WiFi connection. So, try connecting them with an Ethernet cable and check whether it works or not.

Anyway, if the above solution does not work then uninstall all antivirus programs from your PC before proceeding with dolphin emulator installation. If that still doesn’t work then follow these steps given below:- First disconnect both devices from the same WiFi network Next go to Settings -> Display Settings -> Advanced settings on your phone Now turn off the Fast boot option Now download Dolphin Emulator again and follow installation steps properly. It should work now.


I hope all your doubts regarding the installation of the dolphin emulator are clear. Now, these days you can download the dolphin emulator on PC easily without any problem. If you still have any doubts, questions,s or queries related to this article, feel free to contact us by commenting below.

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