Microsoft’s Teams will feature a new Music Mode on desktops

Microsoft’s Teams is the cloud-based business chat service that’s designed to help teams collaborate more effectively in office settings. However, the service is also designed to be used on Microsoft’s own Surface and Windows 10 devices as well. This makes it particularly useful for mobile workers who may only have a desktop at work, but likely do a lot of their work from a coffee shop or other location where their phone is.

Microsoft is changing the way people use their desktops. The new Teams Music mode lets them easily have music playing in their Teams app, while they work. From a single screen, you’ll be able to listen to music from your desktop, while you can also reply to messages, share links and files, and have one-on-one meetings with a team member.

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  • Microsoft continues to work on improving Teams and the overall communication experience.
  • After adding so many new features, the tech company won’t pause to add another one.
  • A new music mode has been added to Teams. to improve the quality of music during calls and meetings.
  • This new music feature is optional and will appear on desktop platforms such as Windows 10, Windows 11 and macOS.

Microsoft is not only working hard on the new operating system, but also constantly refining the Teams experience.

In fact, Teams is one of the Microsoft branded applications that has received the most updates and new features.

The Redmond-based tech company has also faced criticism from rivals for its decision to include Teams in the Windows 11 suite.

New music feature for teamsOffice users

After all the new features it has already added to Teams, the tech company will soon launch a music mode for the app.

According to the report, this feature is expected to improve the quality of music during calls and meetings when using Microsoft Teams.

In music mode, Teams automatically adjusts the audio bitrate based on the available bandwidth.

In music mode, we support mono audio with sample rates up to 32 kHz and 128 kbps, and optimize the internal audio processing parameters for hi-fi music playback. The controls automatically adjust the audio speed to the available bandwidth, up to 48 kbit/s, while ensuring good music quality. We also offer the user the ability to disable components such as echo cancellation, noise reduction and gain control as needed. To take advantage of the improved sound quality, it is ideal to use professional microphones and headphones or high-quality external speakers (not Bluetooth headphones). The built-in microphones and speakers on laptops like the Surface Book are also a good experience.

Keep in mind that the Teams music feature is optional and appears on desktop platforms like Windows 10, Windows 11 and macOS.

In this music mode, the technology giant plans to adjust the system’s audio processing settings to deliver hi-fi sound, according to the roadmap update.

So if you have a fast internet connection, you can naturally expect better quality.

Going back on its words, Microsoft also claims that it can automatically adjust the sound quality and deliver good quality music even at 48kbps.

Also note that the noise reduction feature is only available for Windows, as an update for macOS has been delayed and is currently expected later this month.

Now that you’ve discovered this new music feature, you don’t have to spend a fortune on high-end speakers. According to Microsoft, the speakers on devices like the Surface Book are suitable for music use.

There are always more reasons to be happy when using this communication application from Microsoft. And, as the company promises, Teams will get even more new features in the coming months.

Making the most of the Teams app in Windows 11 can be tricky for new users, so it’s good to read a simple guide first.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play music on Microsoft teams meeting?

You can play music on a Microsoft Teams meeting by clicking the “Music” icon on the top right corner of the screen.

Why is my audio not working on Microsoft teams?

In order for your audio to work on Microsoft Teams, you must have a microphone plugged into your computer. If your microphone is not plugged in, you can still use Teams, but your audio will not work.

How do you play music over a team?

You can use the Team Play music function to play music over a team.

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