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The tablet king is back. Samsung has just announced their newest flagship Galaxy Tab S range, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 plus. Both of these devices come with a 5G version of the Galaxy Tab S3, which is the first 5G tablet released by Samsung. The Galaxy Tab S7 and the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus have a good spec sheet to offer, and the main difference between the two is the availability of 5G. As expected, the price is pretty steep, but the benefits of having the latest in connectivity technology is a worthy tradeoff.

While the Galaxy Tab S6 was a great device, I felt like it could have been even better since Samsung has been great with updates and software upgrades. The Galaxy Tab S7 FE (along with the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, S10e, and the Note 10) is the first Tab to feature 5G which was an excellent decision on Samsung’s part. 5G is not yet available in the US but you can always use the 3G and LTE networks and still experience fast speeds.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE (also known as the Fan Edition) is a 5G-enabled tablet that many consider to be a shortened version of the very popular Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ that was released last year (August 2020).

This is the first time Samsung has released a Fan Edition tablet. They’ve already done that with the Galaxy S20 FE smartphone, a cheaper alternative to the S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra.

Even before the release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G, the rumor mills were already full about the possibility of a Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Lite. Probably yes, just a different name.

So what can you expect from this cheaper and presumably thinner version of the S7+? Can it replace your workstation for your creative process? Or is it better to use it as a mobile device for entertainment and communication while traveling? We are looking for answers to these and other questions.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G with matching stylus

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features and comparison with Tab S7+

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G was released after the success of the Tab S7 Plus, so a little comparison of the specs and performance of these two tablets is inevitable. Especially since people are trying to figure out if a low-end tablet still meets their expectations, and if they can save a few bucks by choosing it over the high-end version.


Let’s look at the screen first, because that’s obviously what you’ll be looking at and admiring for the longest time. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G has the same 12.4-inch screen as the Tab S7 Plus. So it’s no surprise.

But the cuts are obvious if you look closely. The older Tab S7 Plus model has an OLED screen. But the Tab S7 FE has a TFT LCD screen. Considering that the Tab S7 FE is aimed at the Apple iPad Air, we would have liked to see a better screen.


An even greater cost savings can be observed when the processor is taken into account. The older Tab S7 Plus is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon865 Plus processor, while the Tab S7 FE 5G is powered by an octa-core Snapdragon 750G processor.


Various additional measures have been taken to reduce costs in the field of storage. The Tab S7 FE 5G features 6GB of RAM (in the version with 128GB of storage, only 4GB in the version with 64GB of storage), while the older Tab S7 Plus has 8GB of installed memory.


The memory is expandable, which is always an advantage of Samsung and Android tablets over iPads. There are two storage options, 128GB and 64GB, as shown above. Both the Tab S7 FE 5G and the older S7 Plus have an SD card slot that can be used to expand storage up to 1TB.

You’ll only need that much storage if you shoot a lot of videos and photos and process the RAW images from your camera before uploading them to social media. When you start downloading Netflix videos, even 1TB of storage will seem like a pittance. So you have to be careful with the amount of memory you buy.


The Tab S7 FE 5G has two cameras. The device has an 8-megapixel camera on the back and an 8-megapixel camera on the front for video chats. By default, the front camera is in landscape mode, so you can get started as soon as you take the device out of the box. The S7 plus has a dual rear camera: A 13MP wide-angle camera, a 5MP ultra-wide-angle camera and an 8MP wide-angle selfie camera on the front.

Update rate

Another important area of cost reduction is the frequency of renewal. The Tab S7 Plus has a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The Tab S7 FE has a refresh rate of only 60 Hz. You won’t notice a difference in the frame rate unless you’re playing super fast or fast action games. Especially for creative work, the refresh rate is irrelevant.


What Samsung has not considered are 5G connectivity features. So if you’re a big fan of using 5G connectivity, the Tab S7 FE 5G has that option, just like the older S7 Plus model.

Battery life

Battery life is an important aspect of any portable device. With that much processing power, a high-end screen and brightness, you need a lot of power to keep it running for a long time. The Tab S7 FE 5G has a 10,090 mAh battery.

According to the company, the tablet lasts for 11 to 12 hours when running on the LTE network. While playing videos, the tablet’s battery is expected to last about 13 hours.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

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Why do you prefer it to the Tab S7 Plus?

If you’re not a gamer, we think the Tab S7 FE 5G is a better compromise and offers better value for money than the Tab S7 Plus. The Tab S7 Plus is a better (and therefore cooler) tablet. It has everything you need. It is more powerful, has more memory and more computing power.

But if you don’t need the extra processing power, it’s a waste of money. In this case, we think you can save some money and opt for the Tab S7 FE 5G instead of the Tab S7 Plus. Apart from the chip used, the smaller memory and the choice of a smaller 8MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera, as well as the TFT panel, the two tablets are hardly distinguishable from each other. See the comparison table below.

Tab S7 Tab S7+ Tab S7 FE 5G
Screen size Screen size Screen size
11″ (278.1 mm) 12.4″ (315.0 mm) 12.4″ (315.0 mm)
Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions
165.3 mm x 253.8 mm x 6.3 mm 185 mm x 285 mm x 5.7 mm 185 mm x 284.8 mm x 6.3 mm
Weight Weight Weight
500 g 575 g 608 g
Battery capacity Battery capacity Battery capacity
8000 mAh (typical) 10090 mAh (typical) 10090 mAh (typical)
RAM + Memory RAM + Memory RAM + Memory
6GB + 128GB 6GB + 128GB 6GB + 128GB

iPad Air 4. Generation 2020

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In terms of price, it competes with the iPad Air, but that has a full 12.4-inch screen instead of a 10.9-inch one.

The biggest advantage the Tab S7 FE 5G has over the iPad Air is its screen size. With a diagonal of 12.4 inches, it’s much larger than the iPad Air, and for some, that’s a major factor in their decision. For others, it’s too complicated, especially when they’re traveling. But if you’ve always loved watching your favorite shows, listening to your favorite music, or catching up on the latest news with your friends, you’ll find the Tab S7 FE’s larger screen a better choice than the iPad Air’s smaller screen.

1. Screen size vs. pixel density

But screen size is only one aspect. The second is resolution. The Tab S7 FE offers a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. This corresponds to a screen density of 243 PPI. The 10.9-inch Apple iPad features a Liquid Retina display with a resolution of 2360 x 1640 pixels (264 PPI density). In terms of resolution and screen density, Apple’s 10.9-inch iPad would be the best choice.

2. Difference in computing power with Apple iPad Air

The Tab 7 FE is powered by an octa-core Snapdragon 750G processor. If we compare the processor to the A14 Bionic chip that the Apple iPad Air is equipped with, it turns out to be much more powerful. The A14 Bionic chip beats the Snapdragon 750G in all benchmarks.

3. What does this mean to you?

If you value performance, the Apple iPad Air would be a better tablet than the Tab 7 FE. Sure, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G has two additional cores, but the A14 Bionic chip has a number of features that outperform the Snapdragon 750G, including more memory bandwidth that improves overall performance.

Samsung DeX on the Tab S7 FE

Would you use it instead of a laptop for creative work and multitasking?

If by creative work you mean film editing and photo editing, a 15-inch laptop certainly offers a bit more flexibility in terms of screen space (and of course more processing power, heat management, etc.).

Moreover, you can always connect an external 4K monitor to your laptop to have more space to view the timeline of your edited video. It also means more desktop space for editing large images.

A look under the hood shows that even older Tab S7 Plus models have enough processing power to handle advanced editing and creative tasks. Of course, it can work with Lightroom CC Mobile and Adobe Photoshop Express, which the two-year-old Galaxy S10 Plus can handle just fine.

And there’s no reason why the Tab S7 Plus and Tab S7 FE 5G shouldn’t do it. But for advanced editing in Photoshop or CaptureOne, you need a real laptop or desktop computer. In this respect, the Tab S7 FE, or more so the Tab S7 Plus, can by no means replace a full-fledged computing platform.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE with Noteshelf

However, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G works well as a tablet. With the included S Pen, you can immediately enjoy the benefits of pen input. This makes it an excellent creative device if you are an artist and designer who creates your own works and projects. The 12.4-inch screen puts it on par, if not next to, the iPad Pro 12.9 if you only take into account space for drawing and sketching. A 6 month access to Clip Studio Paint is provided to get you started. Another advantage is that the S Pen does not need to be charged. That, and the fact that it comes with it, is a good reason to buy this tablet over the iPad Air. Moreover, the included stylus matches the color of the housing.

When it comes to versatility beyond just a tablet, Samsung supports the proven DeX interface on the Galaxy Tabs S7 FE. All you need is a Bluetooth keyboard or an optional keyboard holder. It turns the tablet interface into a desktop-like environment that lets you access applications and files in an easy-to-use, intuitive environment.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE color options

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When we first heard about the Tab S7 FE, we were under the impression that it would be a slightly smaller version of the Tab S7 Plus, retaining most of the latter’s advanced features. On closer inspection, however, there are only three things they have in common: the screen, the battery life, and the user interface. The Tab S7 FE also doesn’t deserve to be called the FE (Fan Edition) version of the Tab S7 Plus. The only reason people will buy it is probably because it competes in price with Apple’s new iPad Air, and because it has a bigger screen than both.

Tab S7 FE and S Pen docking station color options

Published by Samuel G. Tana

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G



  • An excellent all-rounder with lots of power.
  • A large screen tablet
  • Same software as the S7+
  • Premium Dolby Atmos audio system
  • Matching colour S-Pen included


  • Problems with simultaneous use of different demanding applications
  • Heavy but robust construction
  • 60Hz screen is not suitable for games
  • The optional Book Cover keyboard does not have a trackpad.
  • Slow charging with 15W adapter, long battery life

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