Will Fashion-Conscious Consumers Buy Into Huawei’s Next-Gen Smart Glasses?

The first thing you probably notice about Huawei’s new smart glasses is the branding. The fashionable black and blue boxy frames look more like a pair of trendy sunglasses than a pair of techy specs, and the way the company places a circular logo on the right lens—the same spot where Apple’s logo is placed on the iPhone X—is especially attention-grabbing. But just because the look is different doesn’t mean the specs are too.

According to a recent report, Huawei has claimed that its next-gen smart glasses will have a better “fashion appeal” in comparison to the Google Glass, the infamous headwearing device that’s been in the news since Google purchased the company at a fire-sale price in 2014. Specifically, the company claims that its smart glasses will have “a wider field of vision, better ergonomics, and better fit.”

To call Huawei’s new Google-powered Android smart glasses a fashion accessory would be an insult to the fashion industry, but it’s also a testament to their function. These are a device you’ll want to wear when you want to, not one you’d need to. The glasses are thin, lightweight and comfortable to wear, and they feature a 13MP camera on the front to snap selfies or take videos.

Smart glasses are nothing new. We all remember the offerings of Snapchat Inc and Vue, and of course the infamous Google Glass. Smart glasses are now raising the bar. We discover smart eyewear that puts technology first, for all the right reasons. So, did Huawei get the memo? word-image-17600

Introduction to Huawei’s second-generation smart glasses

Huawei’s second-generation smart glasses were developed in collaboration with GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II based on a design philosophy that focuses on the organic fusion of technology and fashion. The emphasis is on audio and intelligent innovations. The advanced features are developed with a variety of intelligent functions that integrate Huawei’s core technologies and acoustic privacy protection features. Bold and sophisticated, smart glasses not only promise to enhance the wearer’s personality, but with the new technology of smart clothing, the glasses can become a personal assistant. This function can be activated by tapping the left side twice. Personally, I was impressed with the updated smart gesture controls – the ability to play the next/previous song or control the volume with a few gestures on the temples. A move you can make without having to answer your phone. Equipped with a number of advanced sensors, the II glasses can intelligently detect the condition of the wearer2. While playing music, for example, Eyewear II will pause when sensors detect that the user has removed their glasses, and resume playback if the user puts the glasses back on within three minutes. word-image-17601 Thanks to the precise integration of technology, key features include a semi-open, ultra-thin, high-amplitude driver that effectively eliminates sound leakage and provides the wearer with high-resolution stereo sound. In addition, the glasses feature an updated Smart Interaction function that allows the wearer to access information more quickly. In terms of design, the glasses are made of malleable titanium, which reduces density and weight, and feature a curved deflector angle for a better fit, which has been increased from 12° to 20° over the first generation. Finally, the Eyewear II is equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery so you can wear it for hours. Glasses II can stream music for up to five hours4 on a single charge. Plus, the Eyewear II features new contactless NFC technology and fast wireless charging, so it can be used anytime, anywhere. Share your tips and corrections word-image-17602 Editor-in-Chief and WearableTechStylist for FashNerd.com, Ms. Muchaneta has worked in the fashion industry for over 14 years. She is currently one of the leading authorities on the fusion of fashion with technology and wearable technology, and is a regular contributor to digital news sites such as Wareable.Huawei has been busy selling its new “s” series of smartphones in Europe and the Middle East, which is a pretty good indication that it’s preparing a new flagship phone, probably the Huawei P20. The company has been very secretive about the device, but it has offered up a few clues, including a picture of what appears to be a pair of Huawei’s next-gen “s” series smart glasses, with a screen that is shown in multiple colors. With the introduction of a new flagship phone, it’s only natural that Huawei would consider bringing its new smart glasses with it.. Read more about apple smart glasses and let us know what you think.

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