Xbox Game Bar is buggy and can’t be disabled in Windows 11

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Bar is one of the most important features in the Xbox One console. It allows the console to automatically detect games running in the taskbar, and present the player with a quick and easy way to access the in-game options. However, some users are reporting that the Game Bar is buggy and unreliable on Windows 10. When the Game Bar is turned on, it sometimes stops responding to their input, leading to unresponsive game menus.

When Microsoft announced the upcoming Windows 10 and Windows 10 S, there was a lot of confusion about what is coming to Windows. One of those questions was “Will Game Bar be replaced?”.

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  • While testing Windows 11, users keep coming across new bugs that affect the functionality of the system.
  • The Xbox Game Bar has a few issues that prevent gamers from enjoying it to the fullest.
  • The record function works, but it doesn’t record full screen like it should, just a weird thumbnail.
  • Users who want to disable this game integration cannot do so because there is no option in Windows 11.

Since Windows 11 is only a pre-build at this point, bug reports are coming in fast every day.

This shows how much work there is still to do for the new operating system, and why user feedback is very important at this early stage.

On the positive side, the community is constantly reporting these problems so that Microsoft can take action and fix them before the operating system is released.

Xbox game board does not register properly

Speaking of Windows 11 bugs: Users continue to report serious problems with the Xbox Game Bar. Clearly, there is a lot wrong with the integration of this game.

The recording function does not work properly, and users are tired of not being able to record their game properly.

Microsoft Answers user Mr. sideways reports that when the recording works, it does not run in full screen mode, but only displays a reduced version of what it is trying to record.

Small question for the PC-Xbox game bar. I had issues with the recording and it didn’t record the gameplay in full screen mode. In this case, it is just a reduced video that is not enlarged to its normal size on the computer. Maybe I’m doing something wrong or there is a solution?

Troubleshooting through the system settings will not help, as it will not solve the problem.

So, if you were planning to capture great gaming moments with the Xbox Game Bar on Windows 11, you better change your plans, because there is no workaround or solution for this problem yet.

You cannot turn off the Xbox Game Bar under Windows 11

For example, we’ve discovered that the Xbox Game Bar is far from working in the new operating system, and some users may want to disable it to protect themselves from future frustrations.

However, if you navigate to the Windows 11 settings, you will unfortunately not find such an option.

Users of Microsoft’s new operating system are already going wild on social media, warning others that disabling game integration is impossible on this first version of the OS.

Before Microsoft releases a new version with fixes for all the problems and bugs found during this testing phase, we have to admit that some features are not fully functional.

And that shouldn’t be surprising given the state Windows 11 is in right now, which is that this is the very first version of the operating system, and everything that happens is kind of normal for new software.

What problems have you encountered with Windows 11? Let us know your comments in the section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn off the Xbox game bar on my PC?

On your Xbox One, press the Xbox button to open the guide. Select Settings > System > Game bar. Turn off the Game bar.

How do I completely disable my game bar?

To completely disable the game bar, go to the settings menu, select Game bar, and then select Off.

How do you reset the Xbox game bar?

The Xbox game bar will be reset when the Xbox One console is turned off.

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